Treating the body, mind and heart requires much more than merely talking about any symptoms you might have, although that is a factor in the equation, it’s more about examining the cause.

Your first visit will establish a foundation for your path toward optimal health and generally lasts approximately an hour.  It will encompass a proper assessment and body systems analysis using highly specialized, non-invasive testing as follows:

Personal Interview / Data Gathering

  • typical food and drink consumption
  • elimination routine
  • sleep patterns
  • exercise routines
  • emotional issues

Baseline Electrodermal Screening

Control points on the hands and feet are tested in the electrodermal screening, so no lotions, creams or fragrances please.

BioEnergetic Health Survey

Please print out, complete, and bring your BioEnergetic Health Survey with you to your first appointment.  CLICK HERE to download this form.

The collective data will help identify obstacles and/or blockages preventing the natural course of healing and provide a basis for a stepped program designed to address the issues.  Your program will include recommendations of nutritional remedies that can establish a foundation for healing and the proper detoxification protocols – all under girded with solid education and support from Dr. Sandra.