Health Benefits of Celery Juice

Seriously?  Yes!  Have you heard of Anthony William, the Medical Medium and his take on drinking 16 oz of celery juice daily?  I was skeptical when I first heard, but decided to research his findings and try the juice myself as well.  It is the most powerful electrolyte beverage on the planet.  Here are some thoughts along those lines……

First off, what is an electrolyte?  It’s a chemical compound that conducts electricity.  Your body runs on electricity. Electrolytes allow the electricity to flow carrying information from cell to cell. Electrolytes help the cells receive oxygen and eliminate toxins. Electrolytes help restore neurotransmitters with a substance that helps transmit nerve impulses in cells.

Some additional benefits include:

  • Aids in digestion by providing digestive enzymes
  • Antioxidants that help remove fatty deposits
  • Vitamin C
  • Prebiotic that breaks down, weakens and destroys unproductive bacteria
  • And so much more, but for the purpose of this article, I’ll summarize.

Celery juice is not the same as drinking a glass of water, even though it seems to be mostly water.  It is saturated with ample amounts of trace minerals and sodium cluster salts. The phytochemicals and nutrients are ready to be delivered to and are readily accepted by your body.

It’s been very beneficial for me and the patients who have added this daily drink to their routine.  The recommended dosage is 16 oz on an empty stomach daily. More on that later!