Breast or Full Body Thermogram Screening


Friday, October 20th, 2023 from 1pm to 6pm

No Compression, No Radiation, FDA Registered

Integrative Health by Design is pleased to offer breast or full body thermogram screenings at our office on October 20th from 1pm to 6pm, by appointment ONLY.

Also known as Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging ‘DITI’, thermogram screening is a non-invasive test/scan of the body by way of a photographic image.  The first procedure creates a baseline thermal signature.  Subsequent images are compared to your baseline and can be used for early detection of any change. The results are read by a medical doctor and a written finding is sent to you and your family physician if requested.

Keep in mind, it takes years for a tumor to grow to the point it can be detected by other means, so the earliest indication of an abnormality using thermogram screening allows for any needed intervention!

To reserve your space, please call (704) 464-9910, email us at, or fill out our CONTACT FORM. Don’t wait, call today, time slots are filling quickly!