It’s All About Balance!

Electro Dermal Screening

You may have heard or know as I do, that the body was designed to heal itself given the proper terrain in which to do so.  What does that mean exactly?  The body consists of over 30 trillion cells that await direction.  This monumental task can only be properly orchestrated with open communication of cellular pathways. How do we determine if these pathways are open or which organs/systems are in balance and which are out of balance?  By way of our electro dermal screening machine, the Avatar.

A little history…..

This machine sprang from the research and development of Dr. Reinold Voll, a German medical doctor and engineer back in the 1950’s. He provided us with a technique to accomplish just that. You see, the body has energy/electrical pathways called meridians that connect to all the organs/systems and this non-invasive electronic device measures the electrical resistance at numerous meridian points on the hands and feet.  Dr. Voll found these points have a ‘standard’ measurement for all healthy people.  He noted that an increase in that reading indicated inflammation associated with the point and a decreased reading was associated with fatigue at that point.  This technology became known as ‘electro-acupuncture according to Voll’ or EAV. It is commonly referred to as electro-dermal screening or EDS as well.

The information collected can then be used to test our organic/wild crafted remedies to find ones which will help the body restore homeostasis, or balance.  A protocol is then created.  The first stage generally lasts at least a month, after that time, the patient returns to the clinic to be retested, noting the changes with the Avatar to determine the next step.

Understandably, this is a process.  Some of us have been dealing with issues for years so it will take time to find the ‘root cause’ in order to begin the needed healing.  As issues are addressed, the body is then able to reconnect cellular communication and start the process.