We are pleased to provide a few testimonials from some of our patients.

We look forward to helping you, too!

CBD Oil Testimonials

After years of our 9-year-old son struggling with extreme Restless Leg Syndrome and taking medications with awful side effects, he is now completely off those drugs thanks to Kannaway CBD oil!  He sleeps well every night.  Very thankful for Dr. Sandra!


I suffer from chronic pain due to arthritis and degenerative disk disease.  I have tried everything imaginable over the years, including several doctors and OTC medicines.  Sleep did not come easy.  I was waking every two to three hours, unable to go back to sleep.  I was so tired all the time.  Dr. Sandra suggested that she test me and was able to determine what my body was needing.  She then preceded to put me on a regiment that included Premium Hemp Oil.  Within a week, I went from two to three hours of sleep a night to seven to eight hours…..I was amazed!

I am now sleeping a full eight hours, my energy level has increased and my pain level is significantly reduced.

Thank you Dr. Sandra McIlvain


Falling and maintaining sleep through the night for me has been disrupted from Restless Legs Syndrome (RLS) for quite some time.  For some time, I have been treating it with Xanax, Ambien, and most recently Requip (which caused nausea and abdominal pain after one use).  Results were generally unsatisfactory and insignificant. 

A few weeks ago, I visited Dr. Sandra upon the advice of a friend and other testimonials.  Dr. Sandra recommended and made-available a particular brand of CBD oil as a daily supplement.  Within one week, my RLS symptoms subsided.  Falling and maintaining sleep is now unhindered consistently.  But because I’m a person who needs “validation”, I stopped taking the CBD for a day; whereby the symptoms returned.  The next day I was happily back on CBD with no RLS symptoms.

I’m grateful to Dr. Sandra to recommend a non-prescriptive, natural solution that worked for me.  She is committed to her passion, research, knowledge, and application of a complete & natural approach to better health and lifestyle.  Thanks Dr. Sandra!


Sweet’s Syrup for Your Health

I am writing to offer a testimonial and review on my experience with Sweet’s Syrup.  I had struggled with a 10-month “tickle” cough from bronchitis last fall; a cough that stumped my family doctor, my gastroenterologist, who tested for GERD, and finally an ENT specialist.  None of them had answers.  I was visiting my dear friend and Naturopath Doctor, Dr Sandra McIlvain, who related her experience of the same symptoms and recommended I try elderberry syrup.  After my first night’s dose, I did not cough for the first time in  10 months!!!  This was a major achievement and delighted me!!

I now recommend this amazing product to my friends, as it is safe, natural and incredibly effective.  Using local honey made such sense when tackling allergies and sensitivities.

Important to note, it is not only for acute situations, but also a proactive tool for the upcoming cold and flu season.


Happy Wellness Patient

I have known Dr. Sandra since 1996 and she has been a wealth of knowledge regarding holistic health. She taught me about the uses of essential oils and I raised my children with lavender and tea tree oils among others to treat their minor injuries and illnesses. She also recommended cleansing products, which we all need from time to time.

She has helped me with stress and tension with different modalities, such as cranial sacral body work and energy work. The homeopathic remedies she prescribed were helpful for emotional issues as well. I especially appreciate the one to be used prior to going to the dentist and post surgery, Pre and Post Milieu. She recommended Bach flower essences, specifically for my needs. For example, Walnut really does help me to overcome work challenges.

I am very grateful for her advice to check out bio-available hormone replacement therapy. Since I started that treatment, I have lost 25 pounds and have more energy and mental focus.


Far-Infrared Sauna Works!

Several weeks ago, I began limping, as putting weight on my right leg was causing pain in my calf.  Being athletic all my life, and having been injured, I am acutely aware of the body and typically am able to determine the cause.  Unable to do so, I had an MRI done which showed a separation in the muscle about three inches long with what looked like fluid within.  I was told it was unidentifiable.  I mentioned it to Dr. Sandra.  She recommended the Far Infrared Sauna for three days, twenty minutes at a time.

The muscle showed significant improvement after the first session and is now completely well.


Progressive in Health

Dr. Sandra McIlvain has attended to health matters for myself, my son and my daughter on many occasions, and I have the greatest respect for her thoughtful, conscientious, kind and gentle manner. She has always been “ahead of the times” with regard to holistic therapies and medical treatment. She has always encouraged me to pursue health in a more natural way but has never been one to force her ideals or opinions on me. Dr. Sandra has been a source of great knowledge and information and offers her care in the kindest, most compassionate way.

I would highly recommend her to you.



No Longer a Skeptic!

I have known Dr. Sandra  for 10 years or more.  Through these years, Dr. Sandra has become more than just a friend, she is also my health advisor.  She has helped me with fatigue by recommending royal jelly and bee pollen and advising me to lower my sugar intake.  This has resulted in increased energy and mental clarity.  I wake up feeling so refreshed.  Prior to this, I was feeling drained and so tired.

Most recently, she has recommended supplements for carpal tunnel surgery healing and emotional support.

I was skeptical to start with, only because I hadn’t experienced true homeopathic remedies, but only the last few months, I’ve completely changed my mind as a result of the overwhelming benefits that I’ve experienced.

I personally would recommend Dr. Sandra McIlvain for any health conditions or questions.


A Caring Practitioner

I have known Dr. Sandra for over 12 years, for her, natural wellness is not a “job”, it is a passion!

Not only is she a gifted, caring, healing arts practitioner in her offering as a cranio-sacral, raindrop therapy, nutritional counseling, and electro-dermal screening practitioner, she is a wise and accomplished business woman.  A rare combination.

I completely trust and highly recommend Dr. Sandra McIlvain’s natural health guidance.


Shape ReClaimed Works!

I’m writing to express my gratitude to Dr. Sandra for her time, knowledge and support in my breast cancer journey.  Her perspective and encouragement during this difficult time was a great relief knowing that I had someone in my corner.  Reaching out to her was one of the best health decisions I could have made.

On her advice, I went on the program SHAPE ReClaimed.  I am so pleased to say my health has never been better.  My energy level is fantastic.  My skin is glowing from eating all the right foods.  This is a very friendly budget program that brings results!  My body is now burning fat instead of sugar (#1 enemy).

I lost a total of 22 pounds that was so necessary for my overall health.  SHAPE ReClaimed is keeping my immune system healthy.  I can’t say enough good things about this way of eating which is not difficult to follow and the great bonus is I was never hungry.

My heartfelt thanks to Dr. Sandra for her kindness and sincere caring heart.  It’s obvious she loves what she does because she is excellent with the care of her patients!  I will always be grateful for her help.