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  • Author: Sandra McIlvain


Looking for a gift that’s just right, something that nourishes the body and pleases the senses?  Gift baskets now available at the Integrative Health by Design clinic located at 1901 NC Hwy 16 Business in Denver.  Hand crafted, beautifully wrapped in unique containers; no two are alike.  Choose two product, three product or five product sizes in three scents:  Timeless (rose garden), Grounded (sandalwood blend) and Homage (Frankincense and Myrrh)


Dr. Sandra Gives a Talk called ‘Back to Basics’

Back to Basics consists of seven components for optimal health.  Topics will include Water, “How much do I need?”, Digestion,” What’s a gram?” and Elimination “How often?”  Many of us are already aware of the answers to these questions and more, or maybe we need to be reminded?  We will be given several good food choices at Joey’s in Denver.

Date:  May 3, 2017

Call for more information.