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Introducing SHAPE ReClaimed!

I’d like to introduce you to a program I have just researched and become certified in that is truly ‘one of a kind’.  I’m referring to SHAPE ReClaimed.  It is for those who have two goals in mind, health and weight.  This is a total health restoration program that gives you the basis for a lifestyle modification. It is an anti-inflammatory, immune enhancing, hormone balancing, and detoxification protocol with the extra benefit of shedding toxic weight. If you have been dealing with these issues without success, I suggest pay attention!

Before you begin you SHAPE ReClaimed program, a urine sample is taken and analyzed to determine if any changes need to implemented in the recommended foods of the program and how often you will need to repeat the urinalysis.

The SHAPE ReClaimed program consists of three phases.

Phase I (30 days): Thirty days of taking specific homeopathic drops three times a day and paying close attention to what you are consuming.   That means you are given an expansive list of those recommended foods that gives your body energy for the proper functioning of your cells.  During this time you do not consume inflammatory foods such as grains, sugar and most dairy products.  You will choose protein, vegetables and fruit along with a couple dairy choices. Once you reach your desired weight, which may take longer than thirty days, you will proceed to Phase II.

Phase II (approximately 21 days): Stop taking the drops and begin adding in selective foods, one at a time, to see if your body has an inflammatory response, such as gas and bloating, rash, headache, etc.  If that occurs, you’ll know that food should be avoided.  A urine sample is analyzed to be sure you’re on track.

Phase III:  By this time you will have become in tune with your body and the food needed to optimally maintain your health. At this point you’ll decide how to stay healthy and at your desired weight for life!

This affordable program may decrease RX dependency.

If you have questions and/or I have peaked your interest, call today to set an appointment or email me at drsandra@ihdwellnes.com.

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Dr. Sandra – Intergrative Health by Design

(704) 464-9910

IHD Welcomes Shelley Brown

Integrative Health by Design is pleased to welcome Shelley to our staff!

Shelley Brown is a practicing Licensed Physical Therapist Assistant who has 32+ years of experience in treatment of children and adults with disabilities ranging from cerebral palsy, genetic, neurological and orthopedic disorders. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree from Western Carolina University in 1984 and her Associates in Applied Science in 1987.

Shelley is also a practicing Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist who treats children and adults with various pain disorders. The  primary focus in her treatment sessions is to get to the root of the pain source. She applies treatment techniques such as Myofascial  Release, Trigger Point and Mind/Body Integration into her treatment sessions.  Shelley treats each patient in carrying out a specifically designed program that involves the patient in self care in order that the best course of movement toward wellness is achieved.

Breast/Full Body Thermogram Screening – June 8th


A certified Clinical Thermographer from Asheville Integrative Medicine will perform the breast screening thermograms at Integrative Health by Design on Friday, June 8th from 2pm to 6pm.

Why utilize a thermogram over traditional screenings?

  • No compression
  • No radiation
  • Interpreted by MDs
  • FDA Approved Since 1982

Please call TODAY to reserve your appointment, space is limited and is filling up quickly! If you prefer, please fill out our contact form below. Thank you!

Here are Some Great Remedies!

Bio-A Curcumin – Corrects levels of inflammation associated with physical injury, chronic muscle/bone pain, arthritis, powerful antioxidant.

BioHealth Matrix – This synergistic blend of vitamins and minerals, amino acids and phytonutrients is the ultimate daily multiple emphasizing endocrine support, recovery and balance.

Bio-Omega 3 – The essential oils in fish plays a role in brain function and helps protect against a range of illnesses, including inflammation, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and mood disorders.

Catazyme-7 – In order for an organism to thrive, it must be able to efficiently digest and absorb nutrients and effectively excrete waste products. Enzymes, such as Catazyme-7 are a requirement in today’s diet.

CAMU-CAMU Vitamin C – Provides adrenal and immune support while improving mental energy and memory, slows aging process by protecting cell membranes from damage. Antioxidant.

Flora Syntropy – A probiotic consisting of Laxctobacillus sporogenes, the ‘good’ bacteria naturally found in the body. Resistant to heat, acid, bile and antibiotics the spores pass through the stomach to the small intestines unharmed to rapidly proliferate and re-establish a healthy intestinal terrain.

Magnesium Buffered – After Calcium, magnesium may be the most important mineral in our bodies. It regulates enzymes that produce, transport, store and utilize energy. Without magnesium, muscle and nerve functions are compromised.

Phyto Cal-Mag w/Boron – Calcium and magnesium work together to maintain strong bones and teeth, regulate heartbeat and blood pressure, promote nerve transmissions and muscle contraction while neutralizing acidic toxins, pesticides and radiation.

Solray-D – Vitamin D3 and K2 (MK-7) deficiency has become a world-wide epidemic. Our bodies depend on these complimentary vitamins to decrease cholesterol deposits in the aorta, prevent bone loss and as a prevention of heart disease. As a liposome spray, it bypasses the stomach going directly to the small intestines to be assimilated into the cells.

SpectraLyte – Trace minerals are capable of creating and maintaining the electrical currents of the body. Minerals such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium help transport nutrients into the cells and move toxic waste into the lymphatic system for elimination.

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