We are pleased to provide a few testimonials from some of our clients. We look forward to helping you, too!

I have known Dr. Sandra since 1996 and she has been a wealth of knowledge regarding holistic health. She taught me about the uses of essential oils and I raised my children with lavender and tea tree oils among others to treat their minor injuries and illnesses. She also recommended cleansing products, which we all need from time to time.

She has helped me with stress and tension with different modalities, such as cranial sacral body work and energy work. The homeopathic remedies she prescribed were helpful for emotional issues as well. I especially appreciate the one to be used prior to going to the dentist and post surgery, Pre and Post Milieu. She recommended Bach flower essences, specifically for my needs. For example, Walnut really does help me to overcome work challenges.

I am very grateful for her advice to check out bio-available hormone replacement therapy. Since I started that treatment, I have lost 25 pounds and have more energy and mental focus.


Dr. Sandra McIlvain has attended to health matters for myself, my son and my daughter on many occasions, and I have the greatest respect for her thoughtful, conscientious, kind and gentle manner. She has always been “ahead of the times” with regard to holistic therapies and medical treatment. She has always encouraged me to pursue health in a more natural way but has never been one to force her ideals or opinions on me. Dr. Sandra has been a source of great knowledge and information and offers her care in the kindest, most compassionate way.

I would highly recommend her to you.



I have known Dr. Sandra  for 10 years or more.  Through these years, Dr. Sandra has become more than just a friend, she is also my health advisor.  She has helped me with fatigue by recommending royal jelly and bee pollen and advising me to lower my sugar intake.  This has resulted in increased energy and mental clarity.  I wake up feeling so refreshed.  Prior to this, I was feeling drained and so tired.

Most recently, she has recommended supplements for carpal tunnel surgery healing and emotional support.

I was skeptical to start with, only because I hadn’t experienced true homeopathic remedies, but only the last few months, I’ve completely changed my mind as a result of the overwhelming benefits that I’ve experienced.

I personally would recommend Dr. Sandra McIlvain for any health conditions or questions.


I have known Dr. Sandra for over 12 years, for her, natural wellness is not a “job”, it is a passion!

Not only is she a gifted, caring, healing arts practitioner in her offering as a cranio-sacral, raindrop therapy, nutritional counseling, and electro-dermal screening practitioner, she is a wise and accomplished business woman.  A rare combination.

I completely trust and highly recommend Dr. Sandra McIlvain’s natural health guidance.