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Welcome to Integrative Health by Design

globe-in-two-hands-250wWe live in a toxic world in which our air and water is polluted.  Our conventional food is raised in chemically-altered, mineral depleted soil.  Much of our animal protein is raised under unacceptable conditions.  In all, the end result is an unhealthy, malnourished body.

Our body is designed to heal itself, provided it is in balance and our cellular pathways are open and communicating effectively.

The path to wellness begins with a proper assessment in which data is collected and analyzed. This information results in the development of a program in which the goal is to remove obstacles and/or blockages that are preventing the natural course of healing.

The first step towards correcting this state is a program which contains proper nutritionals that establish a foundation for healing.  This vital starting point prepares the body for the next phase of proper detoxification.

Sun-rays-in-forest-350wDr. McIlvain of Integrative Health by Design is committed to guiding you through the steps needed to find the root cause of bodily issues you may be experiencing.  This is ultimately achieved through proper education and support.

Dr. Robert Cass, founder and formulator of the Physica Energetics remedy line, and Dr. McIlvain’s mentor, is quoted as saying, “It is a specific process of providing the right remedy, at the right level, at the right time, in the right sequence.”

Following this philosophy results in a customized wellness strategy, unique to you, utilizing state of the art equipment and remedies second to none..